Saturday, January 5, 2013

Here We Go Again!

We started back this week - just two days. I'll be honest. At first I was grumbling as much as my oldest.

"Why can't we just be out the rest of the week? It's just two days!!"

But after two days back I discovered my teaching muscles were a bit flabby. I was glad to have the short week to transition before jumping in whole hog.

I eased back into the daily grind with some help from First Grade Wow. We delved into her Happy New Year unit and Smitten with Mittens unit and had a great time. Both of these units are free I might add (all of her stuff is...and it is sooo good!), so click below to grab them for yourself.


Next week we are going to jump into learning as usual. Here are my I can's for next week. The background paper is from The 3am Teacher and the fonts are from Kevin and Amanda (Firefly Castle and Spicy Sushi Roll) and Rowdy in Room 300 (Rowdy Pirate - too cute fonts).

I'm a little scared. Am I ready to rush in where angels fear to tread?? I will add a few new "I cans."

Have a great New Year!



  1. I'm worried my teaching muscles are going to be a bit flabby too. I go back on Monday for in-service and then the students return on Tuesday. I also have to put my entire classroom back together after the training on Monday. Our K/1 wing had to pack up everything because they replaced our floors over the break. They were finishing up yesterday and we aren't allowed in our buildings over the weekends. Ugh! It looks like it will be a long week. ;0)

  2. I was a bit grumbly too this week going back but turned out not to be to bad. I had a two day week and decided I kind of liked that. The students were definitely ready to be back in my class and we have a fun and busy 2 days gettting lots accomplished.